Microcurrent Skin Firming Anti aging Massager

Microcurrent Skin Firming Anti aging Massager

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Galvanic current, which is a kind of micro current below 1000um, imitates bio electricity inside human body and provides energy for man’s activities. Under the effects of anion of direct current(DC), this device has special effects in promoting skin absorption ability, clean dirty things clogged inside facial pores and help users care skin in a all-round way. By using this device, it helps users lead skin care production nutrition into skin deep layers effectively, to care skin from inside. According the device’s deign purpose, the device has notable effects in cleaning and removing skin pigment and long accumulated dirty things. The main functions of the device including strengthen skin absorption ability, remove dead skin on face, improve the condition of an oily face.

1. Pigment decomposition:

The import and export instrument is Jia Fani static flow meter apply to the parts of the pigmentation to pigment decomposition, in the circulation process, so that the decomposition of melanin through the blood vessels or lymphatic vessels into the kidneys, excreted as urine, which is the decompose pigment and fade dark spots

principles of the polymer whitening apparatus.

2. Nutrition Import:

When import Export instrument acts on facial skin, Jia Fani static flow and far red light function have an effect at the same time, not only to strengthen the resonance of skin cell molecules, promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also ionization the product, enhance the interface activity and product penetration, ,thus the skin cells to skin care products ingredients absorption rate over 85%, the effect is 5-6 times of the effect of daily care products.


3. Export Impurity: 

Import alkaline solution to soften the skin surface of aging skin, decomposition the skin surface fat, balance the skin secretion, export acrobatics and skin deep dirt, increase skin permeability.


Product effects:

1.Export impurities  

*Make transparent skin

*Impurities export, export folder wrap a wet piece of cotton, dirt adsorbed on the cotton sheet.

*Ions export impurity

*Derived blackheads

*Prevent acne

2. Double Whiting & moisturizing

*Stainless steel iontophoresis roller

*Introducing water-soluble essence

*Introducing nutrition strong water replenishment

*Promote deep absorption of the essence

*Fibrous tissue repair and restore skin elasticity

3. One machine double using

*Export impurities

*make skin permeability

*Nutrition import

*double Whiting & moisturizing

The way for nutrition conduct in

1.Plug the nutrition conduct in function on the mainframe.

2.Apply the lotion or cream that is suit to your self

3.Press the ON/OFF switch ,choose the switch”+” function for nutrition conduct in function ,it start to work when the blue light bright.

4.Adjust the switch,adjust for electric current intensity ,and adjust the electric current weakest

5.Grip the part of chrome handle so that it can be looping-in ,touch the wheel with another hand ,it is working when there is blue bright on the transparent parts of wheel trestle.

6.Roll even on the face ,and it is better that adjust switch ,adjust for electric current intensity until there is slight feeling on your face.The nutrition will move with the currency way .It is general 5-mins to finish the nutrition conduct in for the face.


The way for impurity conduct out

1.Plug impurity conduct out function on the mainframe.

2.Remove cosmetic and clear the face

3.Put the wet cotton in the middle of the stick ball around it

4.Press ON/OFF switch ,choose switch” -“,function for impurity conduct out ,it start to work as the red light bright .

5.Grip the part of chrome handle ,it is working when there is red bright on the transparent part of stick ball for trestle.

6.Apply even on the face with wet cotton ball ,and it is better that adjust switch ,adjust for electric current intensity until there is stimulates feeling on your face ,the impurity material will absorb into the wet cotton with the currency flowing way

Package Includes:

1 x Main Machine

2 x Roller Head

1 x User Manual


Additional information

Weight 0.58 kg

No Gift Box, With Gift Box

Power Source:

Rechargeable Battery


Facial Clean,Galvanic Ion +/-,Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation





Standard Voltage:


False Eyelash Craft:

Machine Made

Model Number:



Galvanic Skin Care Machine


ABS, Stainless Steel



Charging Time:

3Hours Suggest



Item 1:

Galvanic Micro-current Beauty Machine

Item 2:

Micro-current Roller Massager Device

Item 3:

Galvanic Iontophoresis Beauty Device


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